Hi, I'm Meryn.

I'm a wife, former English teacher, and now a stay-at-home mom in Tennessee. I love quilting, reading (especially with my children), and trying to hold onto all the memories of watching them grow up.

My Style

My style uses natural light to capture true to life colors and authentic interaction- the real and animate way your family looks and interacts right now. I love portrait sessions with a focus on capturing the many unique and nuanced looks of individuals, especially children and young adults.

What's in a name?

The first gift I ever gave my husband was the book Lalla Rookh by Thomas Moore. Lalla Rookh (which means "tulip cheek" in Farsi), is about a Persian woman who falls in love. The story became so meaningful for us that when we had our first child, we named him Rookh.

I chose to name my company Lalla Rookh because it symbolizes what I want to do with my photography - I want to tell your story.

The Firsts

Photography became a passion of mine when I received my first film camera at 14. I started by taking photographs of the potted plants on our porch. When I was 16 and wanted to capture the water lilies in our pond, I jumped in. All that afternoon I was pulling leeches off my legs. The next day it had rained and left beautiful water droplets all over the water lilies. So I taped up my legs in trash bags and got back in. These were the first photographs I ever took and developed.

It felt like I was finally capturing the way I saw the world.

"To me, it seems the only pleasure in this world worth having is the joy we derive from living for those we love, and those we can help."

—Gene Stratton-Porter